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Add a Custom Alias (BTC.Do/Your-Name)

Si usted necesita un alias personalizado, puede indicarlo a continuación .

Protect Your Link With a Password

Mediante la adición de una contraseña , puede restringir el acceso de las estadísticas.

Add a Description

Esto se puede utilizar para identificar las URL de su cuenta.

Geo-Targeting: Set Different Destinations For Different Countries Añadir más lugares

Si usted tiene diferentes páginas para diferentes países, es posible redirigir a los usuarios a esa página usando la misma URL . Basta con elegir el país y entrar en la URL.

Device Targeting: Set Different Destinations For Different Devices Add more device

If you have different pages for different devices (such as mobile, tablet etc) then it is possible to redirect users to that page using the same short URL. Simply choose the device and enter the URL.

Personalize your Bitcoin related links, and generate Bitcoin payment links that anyone can remember.
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Create and track links

Easily Create & Track Links Use custom aliases, password-protection and advanced redirection

Create a bitcoin payment link, or a link to a bitcoin related webpage, for implementing on your website or blog, sharing on social media and sending on instant messengers.

Protect your links with passwords, give them your own custom aliases and create your own redirection rules for different countries and devices.

Powerful Dashboard & Analytics Manage your links & settings, create bundles and track every click

Our dashboard lets you manage all your links and settings in one place. Manage your URLs, publish links bundles and manage your splash pages from a single dashboard.

Use our advanced analytics for tracking each and every user that clicks your links. Track the amount of clicks, countries, devices and referrers.

dashboard and analytics

Use Personalized Aliases

Choose your own custom alias, and add a personal description to each alias for easily manage your links.

Target Countries & Devices

Redirect your visitors to different pages based on their country and device, and get higher conversions.

Bundle & Protect Links

Bundle your links for easy access and share them on your public profile. Set a password to prevent unauthorized access.

Share, Publish & Embed

Share your links to social media straight from your dashboard, copy & paste them or embed your QR code.


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